What is Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring is a whole house wiring system for communications, entertainment, security and control that works with the systems already in the home, anticipates technological advances and lays the groundwork for future home technology and smart home enhancements.

Imagine a house full of theme music, where every room carries the same tune as you move about the home. Imagine never missing a moment of the DVD your family is watching, because the video feeds throughout the house, allowing you to watch it while you make a sandwich in the kitchen. In today's techno-savvy world, the benefits of structured wiring in the home range from computer networking to elaborate home-automation systems. A comprehensive structured wiring system provides the infrastructure to create a well-organized communications network from room to room, and floor to floor. The structured approach when installed during new construction eliminates the need to retrofit a coaxial cable through a finished wall, or cut open the wallboard to relocate a Category 5e cable. Instead, true structured wiring often involves installing a bundle of wires, sometimes with two 4-pair Cat 5e/6e cables, two coaxial cables and even multi-mode optical fibers.

Sounds complicated? Well, in many respects, it is. But it is likely a shrewd move when building a new house and it allows the homeowner to customize their wiring design to suit their needs for today, and the future.

S.O.S Security, LLC has years of experience in the specification and design of Structured Wiring Systems and we will work with your architects, builders and electrical contractors to install a system that is flexible, re-configurable and built to take advantage of emerging technologies, such as "smart appliances", and broadband.

S.O.S security, LLC can put a structured wiring plan together for you. Our 
installers can run the low voltage wiring while you house is 
open, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in the future. Installers will prewire: Cat5e/Cat6, phone line(s), Coax (cable), Speaker wire, 
and Security wire.

Structured Wiring panels were developed as a means to centralize and organize the miles of Cables and individual System Panels required to distribute Multi-Room TV, Camera Video, Phone Service, Multi-Room Audio, and PC Network & Internet services, to each room in a home. Structured wiring takes the concept of structured cabling, as practiced in demanding commercial applications, and combines it with multimedia.Structured Wiring Panels vary in size; plan on a wall area of no less than 4' high by 4' wide for the Panel and Cables in a service area such as a garage, attic, or basement. The Structured Wiring method of distribution is best suited to new construction when the walls are still "open", however it is still a viable solution for an existing home that offers access to the desired rooms via an attic or basement. We offer complete Structured Wiring systems from Leviton, On Q and ChannelVision Central. Please include the desired products from each of the three product groups that comprise Structured Wiring Systems: Modules, A Structured Media Panel, and the Multi-Media Wallplates. Many of the Modules are compatible between the two manufacturers, however it is usually best to select the manufacturer of your choice and plan your entire system with their products.

We appreciate the challenge of planning your system and would be pleased to assist you. Structured wiring is a generic term used to describe many different types of residential wiring products that distribute a variety of data signals throughout a home. Signal types such as cable television, telephones, and Ethernet computer networks are common examples.

Structured Wiring is a whole house wiring system for communications, entertainment, security and control that anticipates and lays the groundwork for future home technology and efficiency enhancements. Media Servers can distribute your home computer media throughout the household such as your photo, movie and music collections.

Components of a Home Structured Wiring System

The Distribution Panel Usually located in one of the closets or the attic of your home, the distribution panel does two things: 1) terminates all of the service provider services: telephone, DSL, Cable TV, Cable Modem, Security to this central location within the house and 2) Distributes those signals to locations throughout the house. Audio/Video/Security Camera sources from within your home can also be delivered to this central location for distribution throughout the house. Various active/passive modular units installed within the distibution panel allow for the distribution of the signal to locations throughout the house. Control devices in the distribution panels also allow home automation capabilities. An electrical power source in the distribution panel provides power to various powered devices installed in the panel.

High-performance Cabling Using Cat5e/Cat6/RG6 cables that can deliver performance you need today and in the future, cable runs(also called home runs) are installed from the distribtion panel to each location in the house where the signal is to distributed. Home runs are also installed to signal sources eg. Security camera, motion detectors, audio/video sources. Whether you are pre-wiring your new home, remodel wiring or a working on a do it yourself project, we have the right cables for your application.

Multi-Media Outlets Convenient plug and play points throughout the house provide the multi-media outlets for telephone, digital audio, high-speed internet, cable TV, DBS, HDTV, security camera. Home wiring done using structured wiring principles and terminated via multi-media outlets in every room provide the infrastructure necessary to deploying current and future home technology.

Advantages of Structured Wiring

  • Your home future-ready Imagine storing your entire music collection on a home computer and accessing it anywhere in your home. Imagine hanging a Flat-screen TV almost anywhere in the house. Imagine being able to see your child in his/her crib from a computer at work. Technology moves fast and provides solutions in ways that were previously unthinkable or impossible. Although it is very very hard to completely future-proof your home, a wired home gets you future-ready.
  • Convenience, Comfort & Security By distributing the cable-tv, internet, telephone, audio signals throughout the house, you can conveniently access the subscription based services where you need it, and block it for parental control. With a structured wiring solution in place, you can add home automation technology easily, allowing you to control various appliances from any where in the home and remotely via the Internet.
  • Investing in your home A proper structured wiring installation increases the value of your home by 1 to 2%. A wired home is also easier to sell to prospective buyers.

Here is a small list of some of the main advantages to consider when choosing to implement a Structured Wiring System.

Configurability With all of the cables running back to the Central Wiring Panel you can easily change how and what these individual cables are connected to and what they are used for.

Troubleshooting Each of the cables can be individually isolated from the rest of them and tested for shorts and opens if need be.

No splicing Splices are taboo here because they are prone to failure and can pickup noise and interference and, quite simply, aren't needed here.

More consistent signal quality - with all cables running back to the Central Wiring Panel they can all be connected to the same source and get the same signal level. You can easily avoid having some outlet passing through more splices or splitters than others.

How Much Will It Cost?

The total installed cost of a structured wiring system depends on the size of the home, the number of desired technologies, and the number and types of devices connecting the whole-house system to each technology